Is it a Keeper?

Fall is a great time to assess your current wardrobe and decide what items you should keep, have altered, or donate for the upcoming season. It may not be easy, but tossing or donating clothes is the key to keeping a well organized closet.  I encourage my clients to only keep clothes that fit great and make them feel fabulous!   This cleansing process also helps us from buying the same items over and over.  When contemplating on whether to alter, keep, or donate ask yourself the following three questions? 1) Do I feel great in this item right now?   2) What other items in my wardrobe can I wear with this piece?  3) Would I purchase this item today?   If the answer is yes to all 3 questions,  you most likely have a keeper.   Some items are timeless and can be worn years after they were purchased for special occasions.  If you have items that you rarely wear, consider storing them in a different space.

A Style Remix Closet Consultation can help with the task of organizing your closet and deciding on what to keep.  Together we will de-clutter your existing wardrobe and create a well-organized space. I will help you pull together polished, carefully considered outfits that will make getting dressed effortless, even on your most hectic mornings.  You will receive a  personalized look book and a shopping list with recommendations that will update your wardrobe based on your personal style, body shape, budget, and lifestyle.

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