Sale Shopping

It’s that time of year again and many of my clients want guidance on how to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.  Shopping sales can be overwhelming for many people, so I created a list of Style Remix Sale Shopping Tips:

1) Assess your seasonal wardrobe and make a list of items you are missing for different occasions such as work, weekend, and upcoming events.  Do you need new heels to update your look for work?

2) Look for new pieces that will add value to your closet.  Does it match your personal style? Do you truly love it or will it be taking up valuable space in your closet?

3) Shop brands that fit your body type and budget without replicating pieces that you already own.  Do I already own 5 black silk tops?  Does it compliment my body type and make me feel confident?

4) Replace favorite pieces if they are worn out or no longer fit.  Is my favorite sweater pilling or discolored?

5) Look for items that will mix or match with your existing wardrobe. If it is a new trendy item, can you think of at least 3 outfits that it will go with in your closet? Can you wear that fur vest or leather pants with other items you currently own?

6) Look for investment pieces that will be in your closet for years to come.  Is this something that I know is a classic staple that will be worn for many seasons?  Sales are a great time to purchase more expensive designer item or classic wardrobe staples for a great price point.

If shopping still overwhelms you, a Style Remix Cyber Shop or Signature Shopping Service is a personal and fun option to take the stress out of shopping.  After an initial complimentary consultation, new wardrobe items will be chosen for you based on your individual body type, lifestyle, and budget.  Enjoy a personalized shopping experience that will help you look and feel fabulous. Happy SALE Shopping!