Here is what Style Remix clients are saying…

Megan is amazing. She has a natural eye for styling and a passion for helping her clients look and feel great. During our consultation, we “shopped” my closet and edited out several items. Then she quickly spotted a few pieces in my closet that I have not been wearing and came up with great new outfit ideas for them. She put together new and fresh outfits with my current clothes. She recommended a few key new pieces that I should purchase. Now I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe for spring. It didn’t break the bank and I’m excited to get dressed every day because I have so many options. Best of all, it was fun and I feel more confident getting dressed every day.   – Amy  

Megan was terrific – the shopping experience was fun and well-orchestrated. She helped me pick out things that I might have overlooked and pushed me to try new things. I’m loving my new wardrobe!  -Julie

Megan taught me so much during my closet consultation!  Now my closet is actually an enjoyable space to walk into.  No more clutter or holding on to those items I just never wear.  It was amazing to see how many new looks I could put together with clothes I already have!  I learned a lot about how to wear clothes to best suit my body shape and Megan identified the basic pieces I needed to bring my closet all together.  Megan took pictures of me in all the new looks she put together. This is such a helpful tool to have in my closet when getting ready in the morning.  It was so much fun being “style remixed”!  I highly recommend Megan’s services!   -Joanne

Thank you Megan for a great experience!   You helped me decide what no longer fits and what is outdated in my closet.  You showed me how to mix and match pieces in my wardrobe, both for casual wear and for more formal occasions.  You organized my closet and gave me great ideas on how to keep it in order.  I passionately hate shopping for clothes. You sent me a list of ideas for additions that will make the purchasing process painless.  This is absolutely priceless!   -Nikolai


I just finished my closet consultation with Style Remix today and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. Megan is fantastic to work with and had loads of tips and suggestions for how to incorporate trends of the season while still complimenting my body type. I am so excited to see my style look book and see all of the fabulous outfits that we put together from my closet for spring. Megan gave me a small list of items to purchase that will help compliment those items that I already have (so I still get to shop a little), but seeing how items that I already owned could be put together in different ways will help me save money this season. I thought I needed so many more things! I will definitely be using Style Remix again for fall / winter. It’s a great way to take control of your wardrobe!   -Melissa


Megan was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun weeding out my closet and finding things that I’d forgotten I had and finally parting with things that I never wore. She created great looks for me and has a great sense of style. I will continue to use Megan for closet declutter, outfit styling and shopping tips! -Toni


Thank you so much for my closet consult! The whole experience totally exceeded my expectations! I was nervous to have Megan even set foot in my closet for several reasons, but she made me feel so comfortable with the whole process that I quickly forgot about my nerves. She helped me clean out items I have not worn in years, and she even identified pieces I could consign to help cover costs to update my wardrobe. Megan really took the time to understand my style and my personality all while being extremely efficient and making great use of the few hours we had together. She made me feel good about the things that I had in my wardrobe, and quickly sent me a portfolio full of images I can refer to for outfit inspiration in my closet. Megan helped me find new outfit combinations that I already owned and didn’t even think about, and she helped me to understand which pieces, silhouettes and necklines flattered my body the best. Megan really did a great job of explaining to me what I needed to look for when shopping in future, and the shopping list she sent to me was so extremely helpful. On my next shopping trip I felt like I had direction and knew exactly what to look for to help round out my wardrobe. I would highly recommend Style Remix and Megan to anyone as I walked away from the whole styling experience feeling amazing about my new wardrobe full of old clothes! THANK YOU!!!  -Heidi